Dereck & Cynthia Makes Bold Statement With ‘Dzoka Kumba’

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Dereck’s beautiful ascendance to the local musical arena has been inspiring to watch. Apart from being one of the country’s most impressive ‘Green-loving ambassador’, the anticipation of his new work is grounded on more than just the usual craving for his catchy essential songs .

I was one of those anticipating fans, as I wanted to see how he would make the shift from tree-hugger to an ordinary ‘love-crooning artist’.

What’s Right With It?

‘Dzoka Kumba’ has all the makings of a great Zimbabwean love song. The sound is solid and rich, you can play this in your car, on a lazy Saturday afternoon with your friends at a braai ( think KwaMereki)  or after a break up (it can be your come-back-to-me-love-jam ). Cynthia’s beautiful rich voice shines and blends very well with the much loved soulful vice of Mr Green Ambassador, Sir Dereck Mpofu. And of
course, Cynthia featured (did I mention I am a big fan?!)



[Order your copy via WhatsApp on 0773288002..]

Ancillar has a ridiculous sense of humor and is on a mission not to melt in sunshine city .

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