Life-Changing Ways To Chill Out

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Is School or work overwhelming you ? Here are some easy ways to step back and breathe.

1. say yay to social media

Some very smart people found out that taking an occasional 10-minute time out to follow Prowl Magazine on Instagram is likely to increase your focus and productivity . Your teacher or boss will thank us later (LOL).


2. Call The BFF or ma

Sometimes talking to someone can make a world of difference to your mood and actually lower your stress levels .


3. Get a mini mani

Sit down and give yourself a mani ( bright colors for that summer feel)  when you feel argh. Your nails will look mwa-ah afterwards .


4. dance

Music definitely can change your mood so pop your headphones in and break out in dance or just take it easy .


5. LOL (Laugh out Loud)

Nothing beats a funny clip on YouTube to release all that tension (yes those cat videos ) might actually work. Bus-stop TV might actually have you Lo Ling all day long.

5. eat ice cream

Just coz it brightens our day

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